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About the Company

Amin Farms is the fourth generation grower and processor of pistachios who has pioneered the production and marketing of Iranian Pistachios since the early 1900’s. Our goal is to monitor pistachios from farm to final product, stabilize Iranian pistachios in world markets and be a major player in the pistachio market. To gain this objective, we have invested in the Amin Farms plant.

Amin Farms is one of the few pistachio processing plants which has developed its own well-defined and extensive quality specifications and grading standards to meet various market requirements. Amin Farms has the most modern pistachio processing lines, equipment, and laboratories in Iran and is the first pistachio processing plant that uses silos to store pistachios.

Amin Farms plant is located 30 km away from Rafsanjan city (the main hub of pistachio production in Iran) and has an area of 40,000 square meters and 190 employees.

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Managing Director

From 1988, Mr. Ali Qasemalizadeh, the current CEO of Amin Padidar, has been involved in Pistachio farming, processing, standardization and export of pistachios. For 27 years, Mr. Qasemalizadeh has worked hard to further the interests of the company and to make Iranian pistachios known to the world.

Field of Activity


Relying on our modern quality-control facilities, our experienced & knowledgeable staff and strong ties with our trusted pistachio growers, we make the right decisions in purchasing premium-quality pistachios. We are able to supply a wide range of varieties and types of pistachios to our customers worldwide. We also provide roasted & salted pistachios in bulk or packaged.


We are proudly committed to highest standards in flavor, food safety and quality. Amin Farms pistachio processing plant- with the capacity of 12,000 tons per year- hulls, dries and processes pistachios to present to domestic and world markets. We own the largest state-of-the-art pistachio processing plant with an equipped laboratory to control Aflatoxin and we deliver high-quality pistachios to world customers through GAP and GHP methods.


Since 1940, we have been exporting premium quality pistachios to wholesalers and packers worldwide through long-term contracts with on-time delivery assurance.



Our premium-quality pistachios are collected from the best orchards in Iran. We offer pistachios in different types, varieties and sizes:

Round Pistachio (Fandoghi)
Jumbo Pistachio (Kaleghouchi)
Long Pistachio (Akbari, Ahmadaghaei)
Pistachio Kernel (Natural & Green Peeled Pistachio Kernel)

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