Sadaf Sabz

Sadaf Sabz Sadaf Sabz Adhering To Positive-Sum Game in Trade Annual Capacity in Tons Grower 0 Processor 0 Exporter 0 Open in-shell 0 MO 0 Closed shell 0 Kernell 0 GPPK 0 Salting & Roasting 0 About the Company As a family business, Sadaf Sabz Co. has been in pistachio industry for more […]

Amin Padidar

Amin Padidar Co ltd. Amin Padidar Co ltd. Pure Source, Simple Choice Annual Capacity in tons Processor: 0 Exporter: 0 Open in-shell 0 MO 0 Closed shell 0 Kernel 0 GPPK 0 About the Company Amin Farms is the fourth generation grower and processor of pistachios who has pioneered the production and marketing of Iranian […]

Matin Pistachio

Matin Pistachio Company Matin Pistachio Company Everlasting Quality to Meet Our Importer’s Needs Annual Capacity in tons 0 Types of Pistachios 0 Types of Kernels & Green Kernels 0 About the Company Sirjan Matin Pistachio Company is a family-owned company founded by our father, Mr. Ahmad Asadi 50 years ago in Sirjan, Kerman Province. Matin […]

Momtazan Industrial Co.

Momtazan Industrial Co. Momtazan Industrial Co. Entrepreneurship & Customer Orientation Pistachio Processing Line 2000- 2000 Kg/h 4000- 4000 Kg/h Continuous Moving Drier 2000- 2000 Kg/h 4000- 4000 Kg/h Storage and Sorting Line 2000- 2000 Kg/h 4000- 4000 Kg/h About the Company Kerman Momtazan Industrial Company (MIC) was established in 1987 with the aim of […]

IPA About IPA Iran Pistachio Association (IPA) was established in 2007 to bring together the various sectors of the pistachio industry (growers, processors, service providers, and exporters) to further their interests. Iranian pistachio industry, consisting of a large number of privately owned businesses, always lacked a powerful collective voice. In the absence of this collective […]

Sirjan Zomorrd Pistachio co.

Sirjan Zomorrod Pistachio Co. Sirjan Zomorrod Pistachio Co. We Guaranty your market with our product Annual Capacity in tons 0 Open in Shell 0 MO 0 Closed Shell 0 Kernels 0 GPPK 0 About the Company Sirjan Zomorrod is one of the leading companies in producing and exporting different types of pistachios to world markets.The […]