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About the Company

Sirjan Matin Pistachio Company is a family-owned company founded by our father, Mr. Ahmad Asadi 50 years ago in Sirjan, Kerman Province. Matin pistachio Company owns more than 200 Hectares of pistachio orchards in Sirjan which is one of the most important pistachio regions in Iran. The processing factory is near the orchards and the central warehouse and the office are in the city.

طرح وال پیپر دبی

Managing Director

After registration of Matin Pistachio Company in 1998, Mr. Ahmad Asadi’s sons, relying on their father’s experience in pistachio business and modern technology and by the help of an experienced and professional staff, continued their family business – planting, processing, packing and exporting pistachios to all over the world.

Field of Activity

All the process of cultivating, processing, packing and exporting of pistachios is being done under subtle supervision of Asadi brothers to export the best quality pistachio to our respectable clients. Quality of our crop is our priority and being awarded as Top Pistachio Exporter of 10 successive years from 2011 onward, is a proof to our slogan. We can supply you with high-quality pistachios from our orchards at a reasonable price that few companies can compete with. You can purchase from our company directly.

طرح لایت باکس


Matin Pistachio Company is a leading pistachio exporter in Sirjan which provides different varieties of pistachio nuts in different sizes. Pistachio kernels green kernels are also available, graded by color, size and quality.

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