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About the Company

Sirjan Zomorrod is one of the leading companies in producing and exporting different types of pistachios to world markets.
The company was established in Sirjan, Iran in 1990.

The company currently exports pistachio products to different markets such as the EU, China, Russia, Jordan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Ukraine, Iraq, Mexico, India, Turkey and Armenia.

The Middle East
The CIS Countries
The Indian Subcontinent
The Far East
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Managing Director

The managing director, Mr. Mohammad Salehi, who is a qualified exporter, uses his experiences, taken from his ancestors, in the field of processing different types of products, using modern technologies and a highly skilled team to make them exportable for different markets.

Field of Activity

Sirjan Zomorrod’s main field of activity is preparing and exporting high-quality pistachios according to international standards. The company uses modern facilities such as an equipped laboratory for chemical testing (Aflatoxin) of pistachios before exporting them to different countries around the world.
Sirjan Zomorrod has its offices in the EU (Italy), China and Jordan for the purpose of direct and better connections with the buyers.

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This company offers different types of pistachios in different sizes as the following:
Round Pistachio (Fandoghi)
Jumbo Pistachio (Kaleghouchi)
Long Pistachio (Akbari, Ahmadaghaei)
Pistachio Kernel (Natural & Green Peeled Pistachio Kernel)

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